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Winter is coming for criticism, too, we’re regularly told, with warnings about its eclipse trailed by hectoring about the role of the critic (by the critic), about the need for her wisdom and authority. Here’s Mary McCarthy, commissioned by The Nation to take on the critical establishment in “Our Critics, Right or Wrong,” a 1935 series. Here’s Elizabeth Hardwick’s 1959 essay for Harper’s on the decline of book reviewing.


In composition, a critique is sometimes called a response paper. When written by another expert in the field, a critique can also be called a peer review. Peer reviews are done to decide whether to accept an article for publication in a scholarly journal or, in an education setting, can be done in groups of students who offer feedback to each other on their papers (peer response). Get a list of the best movies and TV shows recently added (and coming soon) to Netflix, updated frequently. You can also find a list of titles leaving Netflix this month.

  • Instead of decreeing self-importance, he invites some humility.
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  • Criticism is not a respectable job for “a thinking adult,” according to Renata Adler.
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Critical judgments, whether derived from critical thinking or not, weigh up a range of factors, including an assessment of the extent to which the item under review achieves its purpose and its creator’s intention and a knowledge of its context. They may also include a positive or negative personal response. I began the year reviewing Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” and am typing this having just finished Barbra Streisand’s 970-page “My Name Is Barbra” — blots brow delicately with handkerchief — so those are top of mind right now. Like political books, celebrity ones can choke tender fiction sprouts like weeds. Moehringer, a deeply talented memoirist himself (“The Tender Bar”), which I’ll wager is what gave it a more literary flavor.

The books weighing down my bedspread attest that a fair number of these writers would be dismayed to find themselves identified, in any meaningful way, as critics. Few chose the profession; it was as if a sinkhole opened up along their paths to somewhere more interesting and illustrious. Writers often turned to criticism to support themselves (those were the days!), because it was the only form of writing they could reliably complete. A startling number wished to be better known for work in other genres.

Such stories are spun out of deskbound lives, lives spent immured in one’s mind, one’s room. The critic vanishes into a book, and then steals furtive glances out the window, testing one reality against another. From my own window, I can see the ginkgo trees crisping, going gold.

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For a list of many of the critics who are no longer active, but whose reviews are still part of the Tomatometer®, click here. In addition to our staff critics, Sarah Lyall, Janet Maslin and John Williams also review on occasion throughout the year, and here are some of the books they admired most in 2021. Characters depicting critics have been part of some movies, and have been represented in comedies, such as a food critic in the animated fantasy-comedy Ratatouille, and as an art critic in one of the initial parts of the anthology comedy film The History of the World Part I.

She is honest about the limitations of humanists, who can sometimes prize thinking above action — constantly seeing both sides of a question, even when one side is promoting a cruel fanaticism. Get a list of the best movies and TV shows recently added (and coming soon) to Disney’s streaming service, updated frequently. Get a list of the best movies and TV shows recently added (and coming soon) to the Peacock streaming service, updated frequently. In the novel “Max Jamison” (1970), which was lauded in its time and is now cruelly out of print, the critic Wilfrid Sheed paints a merciless picture of his profession. Max, a film and theatre reviewer, tramps up and down Broadway excreting opinion, as contractually obliged, and hating himself for it. He refuses to pander, to flatter the powerful, to build a brand.

Barbra — you feel more that it was told to a Dictaphone, and she reads the audiobook, if you have a 48-hour road trip planned any time soon. (So … many … ellipses!) But the long arc of her life and tremendous accomplishments across industries make the book a cultural history as well, and the level of intimate detail is hard to resist. So it was with pleasure and relief that I encountered some philosophically-minded books this year. Amid all the hard sells and hot takes, these books provided some necessary counterprogramming. Their authors are more interested in opening up new ways of understanding than in telling people what to do. Get a list of the best movies and TV shows recently added (and coming soon) to Max–plus all of the titles leaving the streaming service this month–updated frequently.






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